105 and 172.2

My latest progress report and once again another blog subject line in numerical form. Today I attempted weighted dips at 105 pounds. I started out at ninety, then progressed to ninety-five then did two sets at one hundred before I hit my new peak. After gradually working up to the highest amount I ended up tiring myself out but I still managed to do two sets at 105, albeit brief: one of four reps and one of three.

One’s upper arms should always be parallel to the bar at the end of each repetition. If you dip too low, you put stress on your shoulders and with weights strapped to a belt around your waist, it can lead to a serious injury when you find you can’t lift yourself back up.

Today was chest day and I may have said it before on this blog (as I certainly do feel this way) but I think my chest is my weakest body part. The Y has a new chest press which I enjoy using more than the other press machines. The exaggerated look of a pumped physique is only temporary yet after my chest workout, which was close to two hours, I could not believe how big I looked after. The exercise area at the Mississauga Y only has mirrors in the free weight room, and only along one wall. I did not use this room during my routine but when I went there after, I was, if I may say so on my own blog —yet I still feel insecurely apologetic about posting this– I was impressed with what I saw after I returned the plates to the rack. When you’ve lived all your life with a bony ribcage# it is hard to see anything else looking back at you in the mirror.

My weight is up to 172.2, which is the same as it was on Monday. I would have thought that my first > 170 reading was on account of a fluky scale, but other scales have confirmed it. Yay me.

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