13 February 1983

We went to church. I went to Toronto’s Funnel Theatre & saw 15 min. of Warhol film “Vinyl” with Edie Sedgwick bw & full 50 min film “Loves of Ondine” c for free & I met star Ondine! & got his autograph, address + phone # ! [1] I went to the Ritzs’ apt.

[1] I was interested in Andy Warhol’s films from the 1960’s, and learned more about them and the Factory superstars from the book Edie: An American Biography. I brought that book with me, as well as some newspaper articles for Ondine to sign. I was lucky to have gotten into the theatre at all, since the films were restricted and I was a very young-looking sixteen-year-old. The theatre workers may have remembered my phone calls or perhaps were swayed by my enthusiasm as well as my pleading, and they let me in but wouldn’t let me sit with the audience to watch the movies. Instead, I joined the staff and Ondine himself inside the projection room.

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