I just weighed myself at the Y tonight and I was ready for the shock of the scale reading. I lost just over five pounds in the last three weeks. I usually drop between five and eight pounds when I am on holiday. When I am in Switzerland studying Romansch they feed you very well and I always take second, sometimes third helpings. In spite of this frenzied appetite I still lose weight. It can be attributed to my not eating what I usually do at home (by following a high-protein diet) and not taking any protein supplementation in the form of protein shakes. Without the solid and liquid high-protein diet, my weight plummets.

And so I was shocked and a little depressed when I saw that I dropped from 172 to just a tad below 167. It’s very cutting to see that you’ve dropped so much weight in so little time, however I know that it is possible to regain all that weight in a mere fraction of the time it took me to put it on in the first place. I use last year as an example. I lost five pounds while I was over in Switzerland and once I returned home I ate like a maniac and within nine days I had put all the weight back on. “Muscle memory” restores the body back to its pre-loss state and if I make the same effort to stuff myself silly–with all good foods, as I know I can regain an albeit different kind of weight if I just stuffed myself with junk food–then by the end of next week I should be sitting at 172 again.

If only I could eat like a maniac all the time. Then I would have been able to attain my goal weight of 170 pounds a lot sooner. But gaining weight and eating all the time is so hard for me. I have increased my metabolism since I started working out but it takes such an effort to eat all the time. Competitive bodybuilders have someone, usually a devoted spouse, prepare all their meals for them. All they have to do is eat. One can certainly manage one’s time better if none of it is spent in the kitchen.

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