Last night after my workout I weighed myself and hit a new peak of 175.6 pounds. I have been hovering in the 174 range ever since my last post on the topic, from 14 February. While I could round my weight up to 175 after all the times the scale settled on 174.8, yesterday was a dramatic increase where it finally settled on an amount > 175. I hope that the Y’s scale is accurate, as it has been wonky in the past. I once found myself four pounds lighter after a period of four days: the incredible shrinking man indeed.

After years of aspiring to reach the symbolic goal of 170, I have now reached the halfway mark on the road to 180. This new goal might be easier to reach if I did nothing but sit at home all day and drink beer and eat potato chips, but I don’t want to gain this weight in the form of a spare tire. However I wonder if I am putting on extra weight around my waistline in addition to adding muscle mass. I do not believe I can make gains to the biceps without adding to the waistline as well. I am eating more and showing it. Perhaps what I perceive as a larger midsection is offset by the gains I am making everywhere else. My body-mass index (if I go by the immediacy of a preset Internet formula) is 25.6, which is on the low side of being “overweight”, which is ridiculous.

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