180.2 to 184.4 in twelve days

Many people will resolve to lose weight in the new year, especially weight that they put on over the Christmas holidays. I however experience the opposite: I am sad to say that every year I lose weight over Christmas. Instead of going to the gym I sacrifice that time to decorate or bake cookies. Quite surprisingly I do not spend a lot of time shopping. I really must think about what I am going to do for Christmas in 2020 as I feel my cookie baking is getting out of hand. This past Christmas I made 41 tins and that amounted to over two thousand cookies. I started baking on November 4 in order to get it all done. Will I have to start baking before Halloween now? That’s for me to think about later.

In December 2018 I only visited the gym twice. Last month I increased my gym visits by 50% by working out a whopping three times. I resolved to get back into the gym habit and get my weight up to where it used to be. My first gym visit of 2020 was on January 3 and I weighed 180.2. Upping my protein intake and eating regularly combined with muscle memory would get my weight back faster than it took me to put the weight on in the first place. I have been recording my weight over the past twelve days and today I weighed myself (TMI: dressed only in a towel and sandals) and was 184.4. That’s amazing: a gain of over four pounds in less than two weeks.

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