My New Year’s resolution was to return to and surpass my peak weight of 181.0 pounds, which I hadn’t been since April 2015. This past January 7 I weighed myself and was 173.8. I knew that I would have to go to the gym more often and eat like crazy in order to reach 180 again. It is not so easy, or even pleasant, when I have to eat when I am not even hungry. I know I ought to count my blessings in that I have an abundance of food when so many people don’t have enough, so complaining about the hardships of forcing myself to eat will not find much sympathy. However the effort has paid off and this month I have watched my weight climb to 179.0 and 179.4. Today I surpassed 180 and am at 180.4. While it cannot entirely be an accurate measurement when left to do it by myself, my right biceps (cold, not pumped) flexed out to 16″. The last time I measured, it was 15½”. I will have to find the courage to ask someone to help do this for me. So in just over a month I put on 6.6 pounds. Resolution attained.

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