I attained my new peak weight yesterday, when I hopped on the scale and it stopped at this, 187.6. I was hoping I’d crack 187 when my weight on Monday topped out at 186.8. Thus I have gained 7.4 pounds since January 2. My eating habits have been regular over the last eight weeks, meaning that when I am off work, or on weekends, I have not “slacked” by eating less. An unfortunate habit of mine is that I pay less attention to my diet when I am not at work: with a set work schedule, I have a reserved time to eat. And I have been eating a lot. Usually when I am at home off work, I tend to do other things and leave meal times as afterthoughts. In addition to this, I have been going to the gym regularly, three or four times a week, and not only twice. In the two months leading up to Christmas I was a gym slacker, as I spent so much time in preparation for the holiday that I rarely even went to the gym in December. In 2018 I only visited the gym twice, and in December of last year I only went three times. Terrible.

I can definitely see the change an additional 7.4 pounds makes to my physique. Tomorrow Mark and I leave for Miami. Maybe he can take some pictures of me, or we can get friends to take pictures of the pair of us, so I can post evidence of my proud gains. There will be gyms at two of the places we’re staying but I know I will not be able to keep up my massive diet during our holiday. Sometimes I have surprised myself with no weight loss at all after a holiday. I wonder what my weight will be when I return to the Y on Monday, March 9. Will I still be the same or will I have dropped a little? Even if I drop a bit, it won’t be hard to return to my peak.

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