4 April 1993

I watched “Coronation Street”. I worked at CNT for 4 h. I finished writing out 22 March’s entry and continued to the end of 27 March. I read newspapers. Sharon called to say she won’t be at the Scrabble meeting tomorrow. I forgot to mention in the diary that I had seen an ad in the Mississauga News several days ago looking for people to form a Mississauga Scrabble Club [1]. When I saw the ad I thought to myself now that’s the club I want to join! I called the number listed and got some details: it will be at 19.30 every Monday at the Meadowvale Community Centre, at 6655 Glen Erin Drive. The man who’s organising it is Shaun Goatcher. Sharon is interested in going but she can’t come tomorrow. I will bike over. Sharon said that she literally lives around the corner from the community centre. I can then bike over to see her before or after the meetings. We can see a lot more of each other then. I finished reading Christopher Isherwood by Carolyn G. Heilbrun. This was a flimsy 48-pp booklet but it took me such a long time to read (way longer than I thought). I know the reason it took me so long is because I have read most of the Isherwood books that were being analysed and I tried to remember them and decide for myself whether or not I agreed with the author [2].

[1] Seeing this ad would change my life. The Mississauga Scrabble Club, which I have resumed directing after a 1½-year hiatus, will be celebrating its eighteenth anniversary this Thursday 7 April.
[2] Christopher Isherwood is my favourite author of fiction and I have since read, and own, all of his novels and nonfiction.

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