6 April 1990

Sharon and I picked up Karen and we drove to subway. We got to the warehouse [1] at 11.30, only much to our shocked disappointment we were told that the warehouse was going to close in ½ h. So we had to rush around the place. I bought a white cotton shirt and thin baggy (cotton?) jacket ($8 for both). In fact they kicked us out at 11.50. Karen bought two photo albums. One contained old photos (1911-WW2 pics, including some shots/postcards featuring Hitler and other Nazi cronies! Wow! What did she uncover?); the second album contained Polaroid pics of actors/actresses lying in coffins! Pseudonyms were printed under each actor; some actors were featured twice but with different names. We got the bus back to Lansdowne subway, me making the most out of looking at the funeral photos and trying to get the passengers to shock the shit out of themselves by taking a look at what I was making such a big deal about. We stopped in to see Herman. I bought some yellow and black (“bumblebee”, acc. Herman) suspenders ($5). Then we walked to the Sally Anne, and I bought a short-sleeved (women’s–but in the men’s section) McDonald’s shirt ($3). I also got two books: paperback With Kennedy by P[ierre]. Salinger and Queer (hardcover, no dust jacket) by Wm. S. Burroughs (@ 50¢; $1). Then we dropped into Day Before Yesterday and Goodwill next door. To go with my McDonald’s shirt, I bought at Goodwill a Kentucky Fried Chicken vest ($3). I’ll have to wear both these items together–never separately! Then we walked to a muffin restaurant and we looked through the coffin photo album again. When I took out a Polaroid that was loose, I could not believe it when I noticed that the young woman lying in the coffin was none other than Canadian Supermodel Monica Schnarre! I showed it to Sharon and Karen and we roared in laughter. We were being very loud about “poor dead Monica Schnarre” all the way home to try and make people think that M. S. really was dead. We walked over to 80 Spadina to look through various galleries then went home. Sharon dropped me off and I worked at CNT for 4 h. I went to bank and Mac’s. I went to laundry room and dyed my purple shirt again, this time in the washing machine. It looks fine. I did a bit of sewing and lifted weights. 

[1] A Toronto warehouse storing movie props and clothing was selling all of its merchandise. I had already gone to the warehouse the previous day.

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