Yesterday at the Mississauga Scrabble Club I scored a 679, my second-highest Club score and the Club’s third-highest score since we started in April 1993 [1]. My expert-rated opponent scored 269. My five bingos were: DUIKERS (76), AMBeRINA (86), SPLENIC (94), ErOTIZE (76) and URINOSE (82). The final three bingos were in consecutive plays. My opponent played ACETATE. I was in a risky mood because with my rack ABIMNR?, I could only find AMBeRINA. This word ended one spot up from the left corner TWS. I was not afraid to play it there even with three S’s unseen. In my next draw I picked two S’s and took the spot to make SHE/AMBeRINAS for 54. Both VID and OS were on the board with a gap between the D and the O. I placed ErOTIZE between the two to make VIDEOS. This was a risky play (one that I’d make nonetheless) since a DWS square lay immediately after the E in ErOTIZE and all my opponent had to do was place an -S or a -D after it to score big points. Whattya know, I drew both the last S and the last D, yet not at the same time. When my opponent opened the board up with MOG, I used my S to play my fifth and final bingo, URINOSE. I then drew the D and played GOODY/ErOTIZED for 54 immediately after. It was a phony-free game and attracted quite a crowd afterward. Both my 691 game and Anthony’s 681 game scored triple-triples; this 679 game did not.

[1] I hold the record for the highest Club score with a 691 phony-free game. Anthony Lafratta holds second place with a 681.

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