Thursday evening at the Mississauga Scrabble Club I joined the 700 Club with my 714-399 game against Steve Ozorio. No phonies and seven bingos between us. Steve opened with AA and I underlapped it with HIDEOUT for 79. Steve played the next bingo, fAGOTING for 61. I played PELORIAN for 70. My third bingo was ANTIMINE for 72. Steve’s EVERTORS was not a triple-triple. He “filled in the blanks” with five consonants, playing the V, RT and RS, scoring 36. On my next move I wanted to play HELIAST for 83 at D4 however Steve opened up a triple-triple when he laid down QUEY for 32. I saw HYALITES for 185 and rocketed to 527. My post-bingo pick was CEKMOPT and Steve had just played DRAY (onto the AY) for 24. With four E’s and a blank unseen at this late stage in the game, I decided to fish off the M for UM for 16, then drew the blank. Steve set down CRESTAL for 76 and I played my fifth bingo with POCKeTED for 113. My score was now 656 with five tiles left in the bag. I saw the potential for breaking my own record and approaching seven hundred, especially with an S and an X still unseen. I drew AFINS, while Steve was left with BEEEFWX. My final two moves were SIFT for 30 (686) then AN for 12 (698) + Steve’s BEW = 714. My previous high score was 691, also in a phony-free Mississauga Club game. This sets a new Mississauga Club as well as a personal record.

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