AA ⟶ VV = bingo

I play Scrabble with Mark every weekend and in one of our games held the rack AAAEISS. I wonder what the ideal move would have been: to exchange (and what to exchange) or to play through it. I decided to exchange AA. The two tiles I picked up were VV. Yikes! But I didn’t freak out for long, as I quickly saw SAVVIES, which went down for 88.

In a different game I had another A-heavy rack, but was able to play a bingo with it: AAAILR? I saw tALARIA immediately but decided instead to play mALARIA since I slotted the m in a TWS column. I thought an m might be less likely for Mark to play a bingo through.

In that same game, I was fortunate to find two 100+ bingos: EXILINg as a double-double scoring 108, and ERRATIC on the bottom TWS row for 105. Mark played VOMITING for 95 points along the top TWS row.

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