An enormous bag of Lindt chocolate, 90% off

On Wednesday in the Greater Toronto Area more businesses were allowed to open during Stage 2. I got a haircut on Thursday morning after four months with a shaggy mop. My last haircut was on February 28, the very day Mark and I flew to Florida. On Saturday (yesterday) we went to the Yorkdale Shopping Centre to look for a new watchband and workout shorts for Mark. As we walked through the mall I suggested we check out the Lindt chocolatier. Walk-in customers are often given a complimentary chocolate ball and I wanted to check out the place for any sale items. With malls closing in late March, the Lindt store might still have lots of Easter chocolates hanging around that they would be desperate to get rid of. I was right. I was looking at all the sale chocolate throughout the store when at the very back I was struck by the sight of two enormous gift bags. They were stuffed full of Easter chocolates. A sign indicated the three bag sizes and the prices for small, medium and large bags. There were only two bags left and although they appeared to be two different sizes, the staff confirmed that they were both mediums. Medium? I thought they’d surely be large. But what Mark and I couldn’t believe was the price: for the medium bag, look at the bottom photo to see what I paid. I also bought three 100 g chocolate bars, also on sale since although they weren’t specifically Easter chocolates they nonetheless had approaching expiry dates. My total bill came to $25.44!

Was $199.41. Now $19.97!

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