Anniversary Night at the Scrabble Club

The Mississauga Scrabble Club celebrated its thirtieth anniversary last Thursday. We played five games although the first one, humorously labelled “Round #0” didn’t count for the tournament. Here is a report about my less-than-stellar performance:

480-347 against Dave K. My bingos: ULExITE (67) and ESTIVAL (88). Dave played NEBULAS (69) and UNItAGE (75).

The unrated tournament that followed was based on the next four games:

411-429 against Shauna. My bingos: RATIONS (71) and HERALDS (83). Shauna: COvETED (74) and CAROLINg (62).

362-381 against Trevor S. I played the game’s only bingos: ARTINESS (66) and SINTERiNG (70), a 9LW through -IN-. My downfall was being overrun with vowels near the end of the game. I had four consecutive plays where I played only vowels: AE, AEU, IO and, another IO after having drawn what I had just played.

346-500 against Steve. My bingos: ACRIDER (74) and ROlLING (78). Steve: SAUTEES (70) *, OUtAGES (64) and RENAMING (92). I knew SAUTEES was a phony after I accepted it, yet I never held him on it. It was one of those occasions where the moment he picked his replacement tiles I realized I should have challenged. I recall that I have even challenged that very word off the board.

384-400 against Trevor S. Now after kicking myself for letting SAUTEES go, I should really have another go at myself for playing BORITES (73) *. I had found its acceptable anagram, ORBIEST (but it wouldn’t fit) and I had the mistaken belief that ORBIEST had an anagram. I suppose it was plausible enough because Trevor never even held me on it. Trevor played CRINgLES (76) and TIDINGs (73). Another close loss.

Seven tournament bingos for me / seven for my opponents. Two tournament blanks for me / Six for my opponents. Geez what an awful night, finishing 0-4 -207. Players from the Toronto, Cambridge and Oshawa clubs joined us, many of whom I hadn’t seen in over three years. Shan even organized a computer-video call with Shaun Goatcher, whom I hadn’t seen since his farewell party at our Club in 2008. Many people took turns to talk to him. Read Shan’s report about the special night at the Club’s website where you can browse photos from that evening. Here are some of them:

Sophia, Yvonne, Gene and Valeria

Mark, Vimalan, Dave K. and Kaveri

Director Shan

Jean and I showing the backs of our Mississauga Scrabble Club T-shirts

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