Arrived in Cape Town

We have arrived in Cape Town and I got up at 6 a.m. to watch the sun rise over Table Mountain. After waiting a while offshore we will be taxied in to the East Pier. First priority is to transfer a medevac: last week on board we had an emergency appendectomy and that is the reason we have arrived one day early. We raced across the ocean at first to try to get this patient within helicopter range so she could be airlifted to land as soon as possible. When that didn’t seem likely and an operation was necessary to save her life, a medical team was assembled which along with the ship’s doctor included a passenger veterinarian as well as the departing Tristan dentist.

Passengers may stay on board the ship tonight as no Internet and no phone service meant none of us could make accommodation arrangements. So our final dinner is tonight. I will go out this morning to see the city on a bus tour with one of my cabin mates.

Land ho!

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