Arrived in Denmark

I arrived in Denmark this afternoon at 12.20 (Denmark is one hour behind Finland, or six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time). At first I went to the Cimber Air information counter at the domestic terminal, and enquired about my missing plane ticket. They had recorded in their computer that it had not been delivered to my friends’ address in Espoo and that it had been returned to Denmark. I am supposed to check at Cimber Air before I depart for Rønne on Thursday morning.

I checked into my private room at Hotel Windsor in downtown Copenhagen (København) then explored the city. Already I’ve hit the four major bookstores, took notes on prices (the prices are all the same!) and now I’m going to eat dinner. I saw one Danish Scrabble game for 249 DKr (about $54 Canadian–I have to divide all the prices by five) yet I will continue to shop around at the major department stores before I buy. I am definitely keeping my purchases to a minimum, since I will have to tote everything on my back when I get to Bornholm. I however have given thought to renting a locker at Copenhagen Airport and leaving all my stuff there when I return to the capital eleven days later. Better make sure how long I can keep my stuff in airport locker storage.

The Lonely Planet Denmark guidebook I brought with me has been a godsend. The maps are so precise, I cannot get lost, unlike my experiences in the Faroese capital of Torshavn last year.

I will head to Christiania tomorrow and visit the Royal Palace, Amalienborg Slot. The obligatory trip to the Little Mermaid will follow. On Wednesday morning I will take a harbour tour then visit Tivoli.

So far I have already visited a post office and mailed my final batch of Finland postcards. Next batch of cards will be postmarked Rønne (and they’ll all be Bornholm postcards).

There’s a Royal Wedding here on 14 May. The Crown Prince is marrying an Australian and this city is buzzing with excitement. Maybe my wedding invitation got lost in the mail along with my Cimber Air ticket.

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