Arrived in Ólafsvík

I am travelling to Iceland with Mark and his sister Patsy. We spent our first two nights in Reykjavík and this afternoon drove up the west coast to Ólafsvík, where we are staying the night. Tomorrow we explore Snæfellsnes National Park and hike to the glacier on the peninsula. Later on tomorrow we take the ferry and continue on to the west fjords where our final destination will be Ísafjörður. Mark and I were in Iceland over two summers and the weather was beautiful, cloudless and hot. Not this time. It has ranged from only 9-11°C. We were prepared: I have gloves and am dressing in layers. People are wearing their parkas on the streets of Ólafsvík.

I haven’t done a lot of shopping, as I really bought out the place when we were here last in 2015. I am happy most of all to get an Icelandic Scrabble game. Books are my passion yet I have not bought anything new; just three books at Reykjavík’s largest second-hand store and one at the city flea market. I will scan the covers when I get home and write my usual book report.

The house featured in the movie Grímsey, which I saw. It is located at Laugavegur 157, Reykjavík.

Finally, sun, but still cold

Mark climbing to a waterfall

Ólafsvík and its modern church, built in 1967. It was designed to resemble a ship.

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