Birthday weekend Scrabble

I write this at the airport gate on Monday afternoon as I await my flight to Fort Lauderdale. Mark and I will stay overnight at the home of Scrabble friend Howard Pistol today, then drive early tomorrow morning to Key West. Next weekend is our first wedding anniversary and we will be back in Fort Lauderdale to compete in an informal (unrated) Scrabble tournament with Howard and friends. We end our vacation in Miami Beach for a few days.

I won both games this past weekend (and Mark’s hockey team also won both of its games), averaging 489 to Mark’s 351. Here is the bingo breakdown:

FLEXUOSE (102)ElEVATe (71)

I played three bingos in the first game within my first four turns, at which time the score was 266-88.

DIALECT was a double-double wherein I hooked the C under MY.

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