Butterfingers morning

The light in my kitchen blew last night yet as I was just getting ready for bed I decided to wait until this morning to change it. I have had a couple boxes of three new Ecosmart LED bulbs for some time now, and decided finally to replace the bulbs in my upstairs bathroom with them, and I would use one of the bathroom bulbs for my kitchen. For the past couple months I have only had three bulbs in my bathroom, as I hadn’t replaced one in the fourth socket. Thus I emptied one box of new bulbs and put the three bathroom bulbs into the empty LED box and carried it downstairs. On my way down I dropped the box, and smashed one of the bulbs and wrecked the other two. They weren’t smashed to pieces yet the insides rattled when I shook them and wouldn’t work when I screwed them in. Sigh.

And the clumsy streak continued. As I carried my canister of shaving cream to the bathroom cabinet it knocked over my (thankfully) empty coffee mug. It fell to the floor and broke into bits. Too bad it didn’t fall onto my plush bathroom rug. It was a souvenir mug my mother found in a thrift store from the musical “White Christmas”. Although I saw the musical when it came to Toronto in 2007 I didn’t buy any memento other than a fridge magnet. The snow globe design had long since disappeared in dishwasher washings yet I liked the mug for its thick ceramic feel.

They say things come in threes. Hmm… I had already broken three lightbulbs. But then I added a mug to the pile of debris, so should I regard the lightbulbs as a collective singular? Would I break something else today to complete the triumvirate? I feared my ride to work this morning, lest the third item on that list be any of my bones.

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