Canada’s East and South

From 2-14 August Mark, my mother and I visited Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, two of Canada’s Atlantic provinces. My mother took hundreds of photos and I didn’t even need to bring my own camera. She lent her photo card to Mark first and he printed off enough photos to fill two photo albums, one for each province. I have just received the card from Mark and I will post some more photos here in the very near future. In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you some photos from Cape Spear, which is the easternmost point on the North American continent:

I am gazing at the Atlantic, from the easternmost part of Canada.

My favourite picture of Mark and me from our holiday:

In the late nineties I visited Point Pelee, the southernmost part of the Canadian mainland. I scanned two photos from that trip:

I am wearing the Key West T-shirt for a reason.

Two kayakers stuck on the sandbar. For that moment I was the southernmost person on the Canadian mainland.

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