Cape Peninsula tour

It was a beautiful day for an open-roof bus tour, so while the city was shut down for the Cape Town marathon, I ventured to the outskirts to see some new sights. After arriving back in Cape Town from Tristan da Cunha four years ago, two of my cabinmates and I took a downtown city bus tour. I chose the same company, with the Hop-on, Hop-off red buses. I bought the package that also included three attractions. In the end I only had time for two, since I spent way too long at the World of Birds park. There was no way I was going to hurry through there. I took many photos, naturally.

Scarlet ibises:

Secretary bird:

Rainbow lorikeets:


There were also some mammals, like meerkats:

Squirrel monkeys, one of which jumped on me from the open “monkey jungle“:

An aviary full of budgies:

Silvery-cheeked hornbill:

My ticket also got me a ride on the Cape Wheel:

I ended up taking the tour twice (my ticket was good all day). I chose to see it again, with uninterrupted commentary and music, after my Ferris wheel ride. I was out the whole day: nine hours and forty-five minutes of sightseeing.

Selfie taken yesterday in the window of Herzlia Highlands Primary School:

I walked up Chelmsford Road yesterday to get a close look at the three cylindrical apartments which deface the foot of Table Mountain. They do look attractive on their own, but ruin the sightline by sticking out like three salt and pepper shakers.

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