Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Wonder of Christmas: 101 Stories about the Joy of the Season

After my last book which took me nearly two months to finish I needed a lightweight read, preferably with a Christmas theme. Six years after I read my first Chicken Soup for the Soul collection I returned to the series with another Christmas collection, Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Wonder of Christmas: 101 Stories about the Joy of the Season. These collections always contain 101 stories of two to four pages, plus plenty of tears of happiness to go around, giving the perfect spiritual lift to the festive season. Topics covered Christmas miracles, stories about Christmas trees, holiday mishaps and acts of kindness. Among my favourites were stories about a Christmas gift bag that was donated to a sale and found its way back to the same family, and a story about an elderly aunt who gave her niece her precious strawberry brooch. 

I was touched by the final paragraph in the story “More Precious than Gold” by Dana Lamb-Schaubroeck:

“We learn to love the people who are no longer here by letting the love that they gave us transform and grow in new and fascinating ways. That love, and its manifestation in something as simple as a modest set of silverware, is more precious than gold.”

Change the silverware to shortbreads and you have my mother’s legacy spreading to all those she knew and loved, and many more people who are important in my life. 

I read every author biography at the end of the book and the overwhelming majority of them are mature women, often grandmothers. A large proportion of the mothers are home schoolers. I pity their children.

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