Christmas at my house

Mark and I are off to Halifax tomorrow to spend Christmas with his sister Patsy. My place is all ready for Christmas, and today I will be up late watching “White Christmas”, my favourite movie of all time. After the movie I will continue to wrap presents for my second Christmas. That will be spent at my house with my brother Grant, sister-in-law Evelyn, their Pomeranian Trooper and Mark when we get back from Halifax. I don’t like the idea of wrapping presents after December 25. I always have all of my Mississauga gifts wrapped before I leave. I wrap all of my Halifax presents when I am in Halifax.

This is what my house looks like in the daytime:

And at night:

When “White Christmas” ended after 1 a.m., I took my bike and rode across the street to the eastern side of Confederation to see how my tree looks from outside. I do this every year. I already know how it looks from the street view right outside my house, but the perspective across the four-lane road is more dramatic. You can see the lights on my banisters all the way up the stairs, and the large tree–all decked out in blue lights–can be seen well before you approach my living room window. The blue glow from afar is mesmerizing. You can even see the red tree clear across the living room, with no obstructions.

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