Christmas at my house

My house is all decorated for Christmas and this year there are a few changes in my holiday decor. Can you see what’s different in the following photos?

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I always had my “White Christmas” movie paraphernalia arranged here. Instead, I have taken the stuffed toys, books and ornaments which I had always displayed underneath my tree and placed them here, as well as on my landing:

For the first time ever since I got my Christmas tree in 2002, I will be using it to store presents underneath. Mark, Grant and Evelyn as well as their dog Trooper are all spending Christmas Eve night at my house, and I will be needing the space under my tree to hold all the presents and stockings. For now, all you see under my tree are my cardinal tree skirt and my (empty) first stocking, that I have been using ever since my first Christmas in 1966:

This is the first year that I don’t display any of my “White Christmas” movie paraphernalia. I have so much Christmas stuff and have to decide what to put out and what to keep packed up for another year. I wanted to change things up a little, and on Christmas morning I know that the space under my tree will be flooded with presents. Here are some more photos of my place:

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