Christmas baking

This past Sunday night was the eighth time I baked Mom’s shortbreads. I started on November 7. My cookie list is 37 this year, so I have one more baking night to go as I have already made 33 tins. Last weekend I mailed six of them to friends and family in British Columbia (two), Quebec (one) and within Ontario (three). Food prices have increased this year and while I have been able to buy the butter and flour on sale, I have not been able to find more red glacé cherries. My stores are out of stock whether in bulk or in prepackaged containers. I distribute cherry-topped cookies with sugar-topped cookies evenly within each tin, but as my cherry supply has dwindled and there is no place to replenish them, some of the last tins will be disproportionate in sugar tops.

The view of my living room as I bake:

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