Christmas baking all done

I got home from work around 5:30 and shovelled the walk to the sidewalk from my backyard. Just a couple minutes before 6 p.m. I embarked on the sixth and final instalment of baking my Mom’s famous shortbread cookies. At 11:13 I took out the last batch from the oven. In total I filled nine more tins, so that makes 39 tins in total. About 44 cookies fill each tin. Multiplication yields a total of 1716 cookies, but I have to take into account a few rejects which I kept for myself, thus making the grand total closer to 1750 I’d say over the six baking days. “Rejects” are cookies that are too dark on the bottom (although not burnt). I rarely nibble as I bake. I listened to a whole lot of Christmas music, alternating between soloist CD’s, various artist compilations and instrumental albums.

Baking and shopping have preoccupied my time, keeping me from decorating my house. I am never this late in getting my home all bedecked for Christmas. I got a lot of shopping done on November 30, December 7 and 13 so I am glad that’s all over. I will finally finish decorating this weekend, and will post photos of my new decor and arrangements. Mark gave me a new Amos Pewter cardinal decoration last Sunday and I put it on my tree next to my Tristan da Cunha knit penguin. My tree theme this year is bird decorations and hanging decorations that are not balls:

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