Christmas day 1970

The first Christmas I remember is that of forty years ago, when my family lived in a basement apartment on Hopedale Avenue in East York (Toronto). I was four and my brother was three. The house is here, with the red door. If you scan to the left a little bit you can see the basement apartment door on the side of the house. Zoom in and the “184” reads vertically at front on a white window beam. I have the fondest memories of my earliest childhood in that house. On Christmas day in 1970 my brother and I were photographed:

I still remember that blue and white truck. I relive my childhood each Christmas and many of the ornaments on that tree of forty years ago are on my tree today. The blue reindeer on the tree above me is one of a pair, which my mother has had since she was a girl. Both of these reindeer are now on display in my home.

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