Christmas in Mississauga

Mark came over to my place on New Year’s Eve and we opened our presents to each other then. We only brought a few presents, and lightweight ones, when we travelled to Nova Scotia:

My place on New Year’s Eve night after I had filled all the stockings for Mark, Grant, Evelyn and Trooper. Mark placed all his presents for me in front of ladder Santa and I had scattered his in various places around and under the tree.

Mark with his new mixer

On the afternoon of New Year’s Day, Grant, Evelyn and Trooper visited:

Trooper sniffing the heel of Evelyn’s stocking

After all the presents had been unwrapped

New Year’s dinner with my Christmas tree reflected in the kitchen window

Trooper at the front entrance

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  1. Very nice Post Christmas celebration! Your brother has beautiful blue eyes and Evelyn looks so kind. Is that a picture of their baby on the table? I can’t remember the age when the baby passed away. How did your turkey turn out?

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