My brother Grant, sister-in-law Evelyn, their Pomeranian Trooper and Mark came over to my place to celebrate Christmas from December 30-31. Mark and I were with his family in Halifax from December 20-27, so the four of us decided to celebrate Christmas at my place with a sleep-over after we got back. Here are a few pictures from both my Halifax and Mississauga Christmases:

Mark and me on Christmas morning at the home of Mark’s sister Patsy and her partner Jim

(Back row) Henry (Patsy’s grandson), Patsy, Natalie (Patsy’s daughter-in-law), Mark (Patsy’s son)
(Front row) Jim (Patsy’s partner), Mark and me

My place on the evening of December 30:

Trooper loved to frolic among the rainbow Christmas tree forest and shred wrapping paper.

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