Copenhagen book run (summer 2018)

I bought only one book in Copenhagen. I was looking for books about Greenlandic, and looked on-line to find some downtown second-hand bookstores. I didn’t find anything on Greenlandic in a large retail bookstore on Strøget. I figured that the books I did find, if any, would likely be written in Danish. Would I still want them? I decided before I even found anything that I wouldn’t buy any books in Danish. In one second-hand store I did find several books on the Greenlandic language written in Danish. They were interesting to thumb through, but if I couldn’t read Danish they were of no use to me. Some were quite old, published in the 1800’s. One book I was happy to find was this:

The Southernmost People of Greenland–Dialects and Memories / Qavaat–Oqalunneri Eqqaamassaallu from 2006. It included a phonological outline of the southwestern dialects followed by the main part of the book, which was interviews, stories and reminiscences of Greenlanders, told in Greenlandic with English translations. A CD was included of these stories being read.

Berlin book run (summer 2018) is next.

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