Counting to 20 / Names of houses

Buna sera!

Here are the numbers from 1 to 20 in Sursilvan Romansch. The Sursilvan word for their own language is
Romontsch (or Romontsch da Surselva to be redundant).

 1 in
 2 dus
 3 treis
 4 quater
 5 tschun
 6 sis
 7 siat
 8 otg
 9 nov
10 diesch
11 endisch
12 dudisch
13 tredisch
14 quitordisch
15 quendisch
16 sedisch
17 gissiat
18 schotg
19 scheniv
20 vegn

In polsyllabic words, the U sounds more like an O, thus dudisch sounds more like “doe-dish”, however dus is “dooce”. The EI diphthong resembles OI so treis sounds more like “troice”. The word for 18, schotg really tests the tongue. If you find yourself saying “shotsh”, you’re wrong. Think of the Sursilvan TG sound the same as -TCH- in the German word Hütchen. It’s hard to get both sounds out in a monosyllabic word such as schotg.

Houses are usually named after the people who live there. I have seen several houses with the name Casa Coray, since Coray is a common surname here. “Caltgera” comes from the Latin calcaria, which, if I’m not mistaken, is also good in Scrabble, innit? Doesn’t this mean lime (as in limestone)?

Buna notg

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