Dancing With Cats

My library regularly withdraws books from the collection that have not gone out in three years. I get to see these books and some of them I end up taking home and reading (such as Tasmanian Tiger). The next book I took home, however, I will not be reading:

Dancing With Cats by Burton Silver and Heather Busch is not to be taken seriously. How could it be? Look at a sample of its contents:

This is more like a coffee-table book for John Waters’s house. Is it art? Do we look at the pictures and marvel at how well trained the cats are? It is obvious that none of these people is actually dancing with his or her cat. The cats have been superimposed over oiled-up, farded, costumed models hamming for the camera. A laugh that wears out rather quickly. I wanted to submit the book to the Awful Library Books website, but someone already beat me to it.

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