Destination North Korea

For many years I have been fascinated by North Korea. Since early December I have been corresponding with several tour operators who travel there. The booking process is an adventure in itself, and potential tourists have to jump and climb through an obstacle course of hoops and ladders in preparation for their departure. In spite of the international reputation North Korea has, it is extremely safe to travel there, just so long as you behave yourself and that both sides of the DMZ aren’t throwing bombs at each other.  

One may travel individually or within a group. Costs are lower if one books a group tour, as I have done. Regardless of the type of tour, all travellers within North Korea are accompanied by guides, who never leave you out of sight. Barring any escalation in tensions between the North and South, I should be in North Korea from September 3 to 20. I am excited to report that I will be in the first group to embark on the longest and most extensive tour of North Korea ever made possible to western tourists. I have even applied for an extended North Korean visa, for which I was granted approval after waiting a period of over a month. 

The adventure I am having already booking this tour is fascinating. I could have postponed the announcement of my trip until more details are finalized, however I want to document the steps as they unfold. I will keep my blog friends updated on my plans every step of the way.

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