In one of my games with Mark this weekend I found that horrid triplication of double letters on my rack. What could I possibly do with it? I played around with the tiles, making TOETOE? yet never gave up. I couldn’t find any sevens, yet there was an open H, provided I ended my word with it. I easily saw TOOTH, and then the rest was easy: I played EyETOOTH. When I checked later, I discovered that there were no sevens after all, yet two more eights: bEETrOOT and rOOmETTE, neither of which was possible to play. Never give up on a rack without at least looking for a good play, bingo or otherwise. That rack reminded me of a play I made eleven years ago at CNSC VII: with OOSSTT? I managed to find TOOTSeS. The only other seven was TOSSpOT.

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