Fall Came Early in Vadsø

Hi everyone

I am in Vardø, Norway’s northeasternmost town (population 2.700). Yesterday while walking along the road from my hotel in Vadsø (Lailas Hotell), I fell and landed face-first on the icy asphalt. I had no idea what had happened until I was lying in the middle of oncoming traffic. It was so sudden I was not even aware that I had fallen. I usually have time to regain my bearings or even with a fraction of time I realize that “Hey, I’m falling!”, but not this time. My right cheek took the weight as I smashed into the asphalt.

One of my deepest fears in life, and I realize it may sound silly to you all, but I have a fear of losing my teeth (i.e., having them knocked out). After I fell I immediately ran my tongue over my right upper and lower teeth, feeling for missing or loose teeth. I did not care how the rest of my face looked or felt; I was thanking God all last night that I didn’t lose any teeth.

However, the right side of my face is bruised from the corner of my eye to my mouth. I look as though I had been in a fight! My cheekbone has swollen and I am worried I may have broken my cheekbone. How can you tell if you have? (Answer: see a doctor!) My cheek stings and I feel needles of pain as I eat, even on the left side of my mouth. I wonder if my host Arto, who is in Helsinki and also reading this, can look into drop-in health facilities for foreigners. I am covered by my health insurance at work. If I honestly felt in dire pain or was worried about my health, I would call Emergency in Vardø. This is not an emergency. I mean, even if I did break my cheekbone, what can a doctor do? S/he can’t really put my face in a cast, right? Well this is one souvenir I’m bringing home just for myself 🙂

This is turning into an accident-filled holiday, innit!

I only have half an hour on this PC at the Folkebibliotek in Vardø. I have booked half an hour tomorrow morning, wherein I will tell you all about the town.

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