Faroe Islands book run (summer 2018)

Mark and I visited the main post office, now relocated in northern Tórshavn. I bought my stamps here and looked at the postal souvenirs for sale. Unfortunately I could only look at these souvenirs from behind a glass door as the post office was closing soon and the separate souvenirs and stamps room had closed. One book that was available for viewing in the main post office was Postur í Føroyum 1870-2000 by Vilhelm Johannesen:

A heavy book of 528 pages, it told the history of the Faroese postal system amidst many photos and included a complete Faroe Islands philatelic gallery from 1975 (when they issued their first stamps, after previously using Danish postage) to 2000. It was selling for 275 DKK, or about $52 CAD. I decided not to get it, even though I obviously liked it and had thumbed through it thoroughly.

By the harbour in Tórshavn the Red Cross runs a charity bookstore. It is unstaffed. Prices are generally 5 DKK for everything with exceptions priced with a tag. Mark and I went there on a very rainy day and I found a brand-new copy of this book, priced at 50 DKK. I folded a 50 DKK note into the cash box and wrapped it up to protect it from the rain. I am so glad I didn’t buy it at the post office.

I bought two DVD’s:

“Lítla Dímun: Gimsteinurin í Sjónum” is in Faroese with English subtitles. I am watching it as I compose this post. It is a 71-minute documentary on the history of keeping sheep on Lítla Dímun, the smallest of the eighteen Faroe Islands. The island in uninhabited except for around 270 sheep. See men climb Lítla Dímun, set up a house on its steep cliffs, and corral sheep on the sloping surface. I can see myself watching this many times and sharing it with others.

“Vestlige Afkroge / Western Outposts” is a 2-DVD set. One DVD is about the village of Gásadalur, home to fewer than twenty people. Gásadalur was the last village in the Faroes to be connected by road via tunnel. The second DVD is about the westernmost island of Mykines.

Copenhagen book run (summer 2018) is next.

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