Mark and I spent last week in Florida, first in Fort Lauderdale for an annual unofficial Scrabble tournament, then in Boynton Beach and lastly in Miami Beach. After seven years of coming down I never seem to get it through my thick skull how important it is to wear sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy or hazy. This year must be the first that I didn’t come home sunburned. I didn’t buy much, just some jeans on sale at Macy’s and a few spices at Trader Joe’s. Mark took me for an enormous seafood/chicken/steak/rice birthday dinner at Chalan on the Beach, a Peruvian restaurant on Washington Avenue in MB. We usually stay at the Clay Hotel in MB, and hooked up with my Y friend Luke, who met us at the hotel:

Mark, me and Luke Uczciwek at the Clay Hotel

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