Mark and I visited Florida from February 28 to March 7. We started off in Miami Beach, then went to Boynton Beach and lastly Fort Lauderdale. Since we arrived in Fort Lauderdale so late–after numerous delays in Toronto–we had few rental cars to choose from yet they did have a sporty Mustang which we liked. We always like to have ample space in the trunk for our two suitcases and bags, and although a tight squeeze, everything fitted inside. I do not consider myself a tall person yet it was a struggle at times to get into the car, especially the back seat. I always take the back when we have other people in the car and if you’re 5’10” like me, the back seat of a Mustang is not where you want to be. I either had to sit upright and bend my neck to the left or slouch down like a slob if I wanted my head and neck to stay straight.

Here are some pictures from Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. Unfortunately we did not run into Ivana Trump on Lincoln Road, as we did last year.

Miami City Hall occupies the former Pan American Airlines Terminal Building. The flag of the city of Miami looks almost identical to the flag of India, complete with a circular emblem in the middle of the white stripe:

We returned to the Miami Marine Stadium, which we had first visited in 2015. We were able to crawl about the place five years ago. The photo below is from that time, where I got a wicked facial sunburn during the trip. I had forgotten to put sunscreen on the edge of my face and chin. I only did my cheeks and nose and I paid for it:

When Mark and I walked around the place I had an immediate sense of déjà vu, for I had recognized it as a posing location for bodybuilder Raciel Castro.

Since we were hit with an expensive toll for driving there five years ago, we decided to park the car and walk along the Rickenbacker Causeway. Our research beforehand informed us that the place was being refurbished now, and that a guard would be on site to deter the curious. Although we had no intentions of spray-painting the place, the place was derelict and dangerous, so I understand the presence of security. Fortunately we were able to get a view of the stadium from the front at sea level:

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