Yesterday I returned to the Mississauga Scrabble Club. COVID changed everyone’s work experience and the library system limited evening service from five nights a week to two. Those two nights I now had to work included Thursday–the same day as Club night. While the Club was on hiatus it didn’t matter but when it resumed I was still stuck working Thursday nights. A recent departure of a staff member left a vacancy on Tuesday nights. I willingly took that opportunity to switch my evenings from Thursday to Tuesday. Thus once Mark and I returned from vacation, I was now available to attend the Club, and I went back for the first time as a regular attendee in 2½ years.

In my second game against Dave Krook, I had AAGLRVX on my rack–which anagrams to GRAVLAX. What a thrill to find that. I wasn’t fishing for it; my replacement tiles just plopped it onto my rack. I was immediately crestfallen to see that there was no place to play it. Once it was my turn to play I called Steve Ozorio over to take a look at my rack. My next move of AX scored me 45, however.

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