Growing inside me

I made a box in the dimensions of 13.3 cm × 10.2 cm × 9.9 cm in order to grasp the size of the liposarcoma tumour that is situated behind my right kidney. The CT scan findings state that it is “causing posterior displacement of the right kidney, medial displacement of the IVC [inferior vena cava], anterior displacement of small bowel loops and lateral displacement of the ascending colon.”. The only time it ever caused me pain was six weeks ago–the reason for me going to the doctor in the first place. I endured three days of never ceasing abdominal pain which slowly dissipated over the rest of the week, and knew it wasn’t caused by indigestion, flu or food poisoning. My doctor was surprised that the severe pain has not recurred, although I do experience sudden ice pick jabs at times. It is a source of constant discomfort, however, and it feels as if two fingers are poking through my lower ribs. I have another CT scan, this time of the upper body, to find out if the cancer has spread to my lungs, and then I have an appointment with a sarcoma specialist at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

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