Halifax Transit in the Christmas spirit

Mark and I were in Halifax over Christmas and were frequent customers of the transit system. Mark only discovered upon arrival at the car rental agency that he had forgotten his driver’s licence at home, which precluded him from renting a car. So we were busing it around Bedford and Halifax. The transit system sure knew how to get festive with its transfers–and drivers. I saved my red and green transfers (we rode the bus often, and on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day) but I threw out my white transfer. What a nice touch to our east coast holiday.

The drivers on both December 24 and 25 were very friendly. The first driver didn’t even check my transfer to verify that I qualified to get on the bus within my ninety-minute travel window. “I don’t check transfers on Christmas Eve” he said. The driver on Christmas day set my travel window for a whole five hours, not ninety minutes. Thus I was able to spend the afternoon visiting friends on Christmas day on only one fare. Thanks, Halifax Transit!

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