High school alumni night

I graduated from Port Credit Secondary School thirty years ago this month. I look back fondly on my five years of high school, and was excited about attending the school’s annual Alumni Night on May 1. I saw many students, though hardly any teachers, sadly, whom I hadn’t seen in three decades. While I check my high school’s alumni website on a daily basis, the photos (or at least 90% of them) were uploaded only now.

Class of 1985: Sandy Rakowski, Terry Lankstead (whom I have known since grade one), Ken Bontius and me.

Terry Lankstead, my brother Grant and Gerald Grant.

I long to have the opportunity to meet again with all my language teachers, especially Miss Maret Kapp and Miss Heather Kirkconnell, as well as Miss S. Kehrer, Mr. Fred Shipley and Mr. Ron Harper to tell them how much their quality of instruction, their humour, enthusiasm and patience dealing with all of my language questions influenced me and changed my life. For my current state of happiness, with a love of travel and language class enrolment, as well as for the vast number of language-loving friends I currently have, I owe it all to them.

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