Home to bunnies

I often come home to see rabbits on my lawn. They love to eat the seed that spills from my two bird feeders. I usually see small rabbits. They sit under my tree poking about the grass looking for seed, yet at night, when I see them most often, they sit there motionless. This evening around 7:45 I saw the largest rabbit that has ever come to pay a visit:

Note the two birds that birdbombed the photo.

Sometimes I see rabbits in my backyard as well but the food is in the front. I do not have a cellphone thus I have no camera on me. I had to run inside to get my camera that I hadn’t used since my trip to Finland two months ago. By now the rechargeable batteries had lost power and I had to reload. And then I had to return inside to find my SD card which I had taken out. I am glad the rabbit stayed around for so long so I could get my camera in order.

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