I made it on to “Geography Now!”

One of my favourite YouTube channels is Paul Barbato’s “Geography Now!” wherein he profiles a different country week after week in English alphabetical order. He just talked about Korea (North). On Fridays he discusses the flag of that week’s country and also shows the fan mail he has received. I decided that I would send him a package of souvenirs on my return visit to Tristan da Cunha. The package, like all the mail I sent from the island, arrived with me in Cape Town on October 26. If I make the assumption that Paul received it only in the past week (and that he hadn’t received it weeks ago only to purposefully delay revealing it to the audience) then it took seven weeks to arrive in Los Angeles.

I know he likes flags, so I sent him a small flag, plus a T-shirt, fridge magnet (a new variety which was not for sale four years ago), three postcards and a colour printout of a photo I took of myself. Every Friday I would tune in, hoping that my Tristan package would be featured. I was hoping that Paul would simply have received it, even if he didn’t put it on Fan Friday. Yet today was the day! Tune in below and while I recommend you watch the entire episode, if you only want to rush to my bit, I am at the 5:58 mark.

Thank-you, Barby.

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