In Amsterdam now

Mark and I arrived in Amsterdam yesterday late at night after spending a full day in Reykjavik. We are walking along the canals looking at all the houseboats. One has to look in both directions whenever crossing the roads as not only cyclists, but trams can suddenly appear out of nowhere and run you over. It rained last night but we didn’t have our umbrellas as we explored the area near our hotel for a restaurant still offering sit-down service after midnight. We found an Italian place and I had a huge plate of penne with salmon. Mark stayed at the ITC Hotel on his last visit to Amsterdam eight years ago (when he came here once my first year in my Romansch class started). It is advertised as a “gay hotel” but the funny thing is, I have hardly seen any gay men in the entire place. It’s overrun with straight people, those who have their eyes out for a bargain no doubt as well as for fellow guests with stylish dress sense. I ate breakfast with three generations of German women and sat next to a mother and her son. We’re catching the ferry behind Centraal Station in five minutes so hafta go.

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