Karate Kakapo

Karate Kakapo, written by Loredana Cunti and illustrated by Stacy Curtis, is a slim picture book for children. I was attracted to it by its title, as I, like Cunti’s daughter, have a fondness for the kakapo parrot. In this story Kakapo tries out for her black belt in karate, yet realizes she cannot complete one move–the flying kick–because her species is flightless. So what will she do?

I enjoyed looking at the detail within Kakapo’s bedroom–I am sure children will see different things with each subsequent reading–and at the audience of birds during the karate assessment. I tried to identify the species but some were too Sesame Street to pinpoint. There had to be a happy ending and Kakapo did earn her black belt, by being able to perform a “running, jumping side kick” instead.

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