Kitchener-Waterloo LRT

Mark and I toured the new Kitchener-Waterloo light-rail transit stations yesterday afternoon. The system is still under construction and expected to start operation in 2018. We drove to every transit station, some of which were still wrapped in plastic. I am checking my watch at the Laurier-Waterloo Park station, waiting for the first train:

Mark is at the Central Station:

Every station had an overlapping set of tracks on only one side. The tracks angled off once they lined up with the platform and rejoined as one set once they left the platform. Why would trains need extra space between the platform yet on only one side? Anyone know?


I received a reply to my question from Ms Tiffany Lobb at AECOM:

“The section of track shown in your photo is a diverging track which is required to allow clearance for the freight trains through the stop that run at night. If this diverging track was not in place, the freight trains would hit the stop’s platform.”

Thank-you Ms Lobb for your prompt reply.]

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