Last Scrabble before Buenos Aires

Mark leaves for Buenos Aires tomorrow and he came over last night to pick up some photocopying and play a couple games:

494-348. I played TRISEMIC (89), SENDALS (72) and REaSONED (68). Mark played CRINkLES (77).

420-403. My bingos were CHILDREN (79) and DEvIATES (64) while Mark played GuSSIES (76) displaying a true abundance of riches, and RUINATES (59). I didn’t bother to look hard enough with my second bingo rack of ADEEIT? to find that I could have played it down to an E from the top right TWS to make DETAInEE for 77. The hanging S made my bingo, or mEDIATES which I also saw, irresistibly convenient to plop down without thinking. Turns out I could also have played AuDITEES or the flashier jADEITES. Had I played jADEITES, Mark wouldn’t have been able to play NAIVE from the lower left TWS for 39.

Mark will visit the Argentine capital for five days and then next Tuesday will join our Scrabble friend Howard for a cruise where they will sail to Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Punta del Este and back to Buenos Aires, for a duration of twelve days. Maybe he will get in some games with Howard.

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