Latest CT scan results

This morning Mark and I met Dr. Basheer Elsolh at Princess Margaret Hospital who shared the results of my latest CT scan which I had on June 20. The scan fortunately didn’t show any new growth and that the tumour size was “stable”. Nevertheless the dimensions given on the scan report differ from those on the first scan I had in March. The March dimensions were 13.3 cm × 10.2 cm × 9.9 cm whereas the latest scan showed the tumour at 11.7 cm × 11.2 cm × 8.8 cm. I never questioned the doctor about this because he repeatedly told me that the tumour had not grown. I can surmise that the tumour size is measured from whatever scan frame best captures the image and as long as the doctor told me that there was no additional growth I am happy.

He did say that I would be needing frequent scans for the foreseeable future. I will have another CT scan in four months. Dr. Adams-McGavin told me during my last visit that my tumour will continue to grow so they want me to have scans on a regular basis. Aside from the occasional feelings of discomfort, I am adapting quite well with this large mass occupying space in my lower right abdomen. The scan analysis reads a bit scary, however: “The mass is displacing and compressing the IVC [inferior vena cava], duodenum, and pancreatic head without definite evidence of invasion. The mass is also displacing the right kidney, gallbladder, and ascending colon without invasion.”. Dr. Elsolh asked about my elimination functions since the tumour is displacing two key organs, yet I am not experiencing any issues.

I will have to have CT scans more frequently than I have dental appointments, but less frequently than I have haircuts in non-COVID times. This past Friday I had my first haircut since June 25 last year!

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