Life and Times at the Rovers Return

Life and Times at the Rovers Return by Daran Little was a fluffy read which tied me over as I composed my two backed-up reviews for the books I read while in Finland. I didn’t want to concentrate on a heavy read while I was behind in my reviews so I chose this disposable library discard. Rovers Return was written in 1993, so it was a trip down Corrie memory lane for me, a fan who has rarely missed an episode since 1985. I liked the extensive backstories to “Coronation Street”, which started broadcasting in 1960. The writers fleshed out full stories behind the origin of the Rovers Return and its first landlords Jack and Annie Walker, and went even earlier than that, outlining the history of the show’s brewery, Newton and Ridley.

Chapters were devoted to famous episodes, key characters such as Bet Lynch and Jack Duckworth, and all the barmaids who worked at the Rovers. I liked the lengthy final chapter, “Tales from the Rovers”, where each year was summed up with text and photos. This was far more than a picture book; it was 160 large pages full of Corrie history which is sometimes alluded to in the shows. I enjoyed looking at the cast members and seeing who from 1993 was still on the show today (quite a few: Ken Barlow, Emily Bishop, Liz and Steve McDonald, Gail Rodwell, Audrey Roberts, Sally Metcalfe, Kevin Webster, Jenny Bradley, Rita Tanner).

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